WWF Dialogplattform

Website build and launch

deepblue networks
Realization period
Technologies used
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) approached deepblue networks with the task to build a website where they could streamline their communication with people interested. With a team of designers and other developers I built the site dialog.wwf.de.

It has since been taken offline by the WWF and replaced by a blog.

We included themes because the WWF is involved in different field of conserving nature like the rainforest, the oceans, etc. and thus the pages needed to match these fields. Snapshots for the look and feel can be found at archive.org, see e.g. Snapshot 1, or Snapshot 2.

To further connect people with the platform, they could create their personal accounts with login and profile.