Brand website, Shop and FlikFlak

deepblue networks
Realization period
ca. 2011 - 2014
Technologies used
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • jQueryUI
  • Flash

Swatch and deepblue networks have a long-lasting relationship. During my time at the agency I had the pleasure and challenge to work on a lot of projects with them.

This included maintenance for the website as well as for the shop, and other pages.

In collaboration with our concepters and designers, we relaunched the website and shop and also a completely new website project for their range of childrens watches, FlikFlak. During this project I not only implemented parts of the frontend but also had a role of a project manager.

Because Swatch is such a diverse brand and supports a lot of cultural events, sports, etc., they always had side-projects (landing-pages, promotions and event pages) to be integrated on their site. Because content changed often and an archive on their site was never implemented, most of these projects are no longer available. Some can be seen in the Internet Archive. For example the Blum collection, the Swatch Girls Pro China event or the 2011 MTV EMAs.

With the rising demand for video, we integrated support for (now Piksel) and brightcove.