A place where I could belong

If you'd ask me for a place I'll always love to go back to, my answer would be Scotland. I was lucky to visit this part of the island a few times already and I really feel at home there (sure there are lots and lots of nice places in England and Ireland, too). I adore the different landscapes, the quietness, even the weather⁰.

We (I've travelled either with my partner or a couple of friends) normally stayed at B&Bs or pubs and I have to admit the hosts where amongst the friendliest people I've met so far. Our hosts always did everything to make us feel welcome. What could better when coming home from a day's long walks around the countryside, than having a pint or two, a wee dram of Whisky and some warm meal? I always enjoyed that. And having some folks around, locals or tourists who'd enjoy having a little chat and exchanging one's stories.

There are so many different locations and landmarks to visit, ranging from historic sites like castles, mansions and fortifications to mountains, waterfalls and even sandy beaches. Not to mention cities like Edinburgh or Glasgow that are also worth visiting.

Scroll down to see some selected pictures in the gallery! More photos can be found on my flickr.

⁰A tourguide at the Talisker Distillery on the isle of Skye told us that "it occasionally rains in Scotland". Well, it seems there are a lot of occasions in fact ;-) But that shouldn't stop one from exploring this beautiful country!