Lyrics quotes

My taste in music might seem confusing to some but as it goes with other interests, it's just manifolded. When I listen to music, I do it mostly to either change or intensify my mood. Music helps me focus, relieve stress and just enjoy myself.

It's more or less not really about understanding the lyrics of the songs. For me it's rather the flow, the tone and the melodies that attract me. I find understanding song hard although I would consider my english language skills quite decent.

Nevertheless, there are songs whose lyrics mean something to me. In the following I'd like to give you some examples:

With a solar knife I split the sky and walk right in between.
To search the answers to every why, where I have seen the unseen.

The visionaire - Tiamat, from the album Wildhoney

I know the sun and the moon, the names of stars, their movement and purpose.

I mark the place of Polaris on these impossible heights.

I forge my wisdom into an arc surrounding all.

I forge my heartbeat to a dome all heavens wide.

Skyforger - Amorphis, from the album Skyforger

Like a rainbow to the stars, keep the faith right in your heart.

If you let your dreams come true, then happiness will follow you.

Rainbow to the stars - Dune, from the maxi-single Rainbow to the stars

Don't talk of love.

Well I've heard the word before.
It's sleeping in my memory.

I won't disturb the slumber of feelings that have died.
If I never loved I never would have cried.

I am a rock - Simon & Garfunkel, from the album Sounds of Silence

Up high in the north, at the end of my rocky road, I heard the call, I saw the form.
My feet had betrayed me. I was carried forth to a place of healing, where I was made again.

And they sang me my song while they told me all the tales.
Then they showed me my mission and I heard it whisper my name.

Mission - Amorphis, from the album Circle