Fatherhood pt. II

Tempus fugit

Two years have flown by in the blink of an eye. You've grown so fast and I see new traits and your development every day.

Even after only these two years I can hardly remember when you were the tiny being almost disappearing in your mother's arms. You've already become an energetic, kind and cheeky little girl that loves chocolate (okay, who doesn't?), running around and painting.

You've started trying to get your will and fighting for it. But your parents and especially me as your father cannot give in every time. It might seem to you that you're being treated in the wrong way, but you can trust us.

Sometimes I fear that I cannot follow your pace. But I'm doing my best to be the father that you need. I love you little one. I love it when we cuddle, I love seeing you having fun, I love it seeing how you bring tears of emotion to your mothers eyes.

And I hope that you know and understand.