Fatherhood pt. I

Everything will be okay

Dear newly become fathers, although I'm writing these words rather as a note to myself, this is for you!

Being a father isn't always easy. Don't let yourself be fooled by shiny posts on social media. Who would show the normal life, normal situations? Who would show the tiredness, disappointment and frustration? No one. And that's okay.

I really love my little daughter and yet I've gone through struggles that I didn't think of earlier. I asked myself a couple of times already if she will ever accept me trying to calm and comfort her, if she actually loves me too. And I've had sad and frustrated moments. But that's okay. Really. If your partner is as wonderful and understanding as mine they'll tell you you're doing fine. Just don't let your kid feel your frustration! You still have a lot to learn on this journey. You, your kid and your partner. Just keep going!

Your little one does not have a concept of the world yet and what love actually means. And so it tries to satisfy it's most urgent needs for food, warmth and safety. You can't give your child food (yet), but you can give it your love. And let me reassure you - it will return the love! Catch the first smiles and sounds of joy and hold onto those moments, everything will become better.

Everything will be okay.