Honest advice - life goals

Start setting your own goals

You might have stumbled upon the topic of having life goals on social media or elsewhere. This is my short take on it.

I have been living without my own goals for a long time. Now I know that I have wasted far too much time. I should have realized that goals are the most important way of organizing your life.

Don't let the days pass by until you'll find yourself questioning where your life has gone. Without goals you'll be asking yourself if you can ever gain what you've been dreaming of. Without goals, you let other people and the world around you take control of your life.

Personal goals and especially those that seem impossible fuel your growth. If people hadn't dreamt about it, humankind would not have set foot on the moon. Mars would still be farther out of reach then it is today. We would still be living on trees.

The point that I'm trying to make is that living without goals isn't worthwhile. Yet don't compare your own life, wealth and achievements with those of others. Don't let other people set the goals for you.

Instead, focus on yourself. Let them inspire you. Set goals in your life that you want to reach. It's not about succeeding in every single goal, but trying to get there. Goals can change, but fighting for them never does. Should you find yourself struggling or even falling while trying to reach a goal, then let it go. Set another ambitious goal.

But start setting goals and never stop!