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Me and my family went to the famous Hermann monument in Detmold the other day for a quick stroll around the forest and the statue itself. You can find more information on Arminius (Hermann the cherusker) e.g. on wikipedia.

This excursion, my current personal situation and the state of the world inspired my to create a logo design themed around Hermann. For me it expresses self-confidence, courage and the will to protect and care for your loved ones.

For the font I chose Neudeutsch, which is based on fonts common around 1900. I've played with some alternatives but I haven't found a serif nor a sans-serif font that fit better in my opinion. I wanted to combine the script part with something that reminds of Hermann's roman origins and the fact that he fought for freedom. Thus I added a more or less precise representation of a sword that falls into this period of history.

In contrast to the actual monument the sword points downward. This has a couple of reasons which are mostly aesthetic. I found it more visually pleasing than having it pointing upwards or placing it horizontally behind the script part and it also gives me more the impression of a relaxed situation where the person carrying it might be on guard but otherwise calm.

The logo:

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